Supported Employment

We offer an integrated system of supported employment for clients to gain independence with adequate training and supervision.


We help clients develop their personal growth and independence with room, board, and transportation requests if needed.

Residential Assistance

We offer many types of residential assistance to our clients. Please contact us regarding the best option for you.


Our trained nursing staff provides many services like monitoring health and data as well as administering medications, etc.

Minor Home Modification

We’ll assist with repair of wheelchair ramps, modifications to bathroom and kitchen areas as well as specialized safety adaptations.

Day Habilitation

We provide our clients with relevant activities to boost their self-esteem. We also provide reinforcement of school-related therapies.


We make sure our clients are provided excellent emergency, preventative, therapeutic, and orthodontic dental care.

Adaptive Aids

Adaptive aids consist of repair and maintenance not covered by the warranty: the full range of lifts, mobility aids, control switches/pneumatic switches and devices, environmental control units, medically necessary supplies, and communication aids.

Counseling & Specialized Therapy

– Audiology
– Behavioral Support
– Dietary
– Occupational Therapy
– Physical Therapy
– Psychology
– Social Work
– Speech/Language Pathology

To enroll in the HCS Program, contact us.

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